Frost Control

2013- Frosty morning

Spring snow, but no hard frost.

2013-frosty morning 2

Pretty cold morning.

cold air drain hooked up to tractor

Our Cold Air Drains are basically big box fans laying on their sides.  We use these units to blow the heavy cold air that settles into the low spots in our orchard straight up and out of the orchard. We have two of these.

Frost Control - Cold Air Drain

Our cold air drain with it's own gas powered motor to turn the fan blades.  We use our tractor to power the other unit.

2013- Frost Control - sprinkler circles

We hang tarps along the perimeter keep the cold air from adjacent areas from migrating into the orchard. We also turn on our micro-sprinkler irrigation system to bring warm moisture into the orchard. You can see the frosty circles under the trees, where the sprinklers were running and the water froze.

Frost Control - neighbors winnd machine

The orchard adjacent to ours has two giant fans that stir the air up and blow the cold air out of our orchards.

2013-Frost control - sprinkler malfunction

Oops!!! The micro-sprinkler at this tree sprung a leak. Fortunately this event did not harm the tree or the blooms. Sure is pretty though!!!

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