Fruit Care


Always handle your peaches gently as they tend to bruise easily.

A peach that is ripe, but firm when picked, will usually keep for at least a week if stored properly.

If you plan to store them for more than a few days we recommend that you spread them out in a single layer, as soft ripe peaches can bruise simply from the weight of a peach stacked on top of them.  We enjoy keeping a fruit bowl stocked in plain sight with "ripe and ready's" for inevitable snacking moments.

 Proper storage temperature is essential:

Store the peaches at room temperature, preferably in a cooler room. 


If you want to refrigerate them, make sure they are at either less than 38 degrees or greater than 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  Peaches that are refrigerated at the improper temperature are likely to turn mealy.  Even the best of peaches can turn mealy by improper care. 

Testing for ripeness (softness):   

Peaches soften from the bottom up.  The last part of the peach to soften is the top rim around the stem.  To test if the peach is fully softened, gently press the rim around the stem.  If the flesh is firm, the peach will still be crunchy.  If the flesh depresses and does not bounce back the peach is fully soft.


Cherries will keep for a week or more if kept refrigerated in an airtight container.


If you plan to eat your apricots right away it is fine to leave them out at room temperature.  In our home they seem to magically disappear if we leave them out in plain sight. 

If you would like them to keep longer, it is fine to store them in the refrigerator in an open container.  They do need to breath, so will not do as well in a tightly enclosed container.

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